Our Team

Tara Paulsson
Tara Paulsson
Managing Director

Tara studied English Literature at the University of York, where she gained a BA Honours Degree (Class I) and studied Editorial & Proofreading at the London School of Publishing. She is the daughter of Guy N. Smith and runs Black Hill Books along with her three siblings and her mother Jean Smith.

Reverend Doom
Reverend Doom
IT Manager, ex-priest, SAS-trained killer, exorcist, a man with a dreadful mission.

Doom was an orphan. His parents died in a plague that went through when he was small and, to care for him, the town council apprenticed him to the local gravedigger. For years he served, learning the ins and outs of the physical and spiritual side of dealing with death. He learned about his god, the patron of death, from the gravedigger. But the gravedigger’s worship always seemed a bit hollow, a little too rote. One night Doom picked up the sacred text the gravedigger kept on the small shrine in their shared chambers and read it. He became shocked and dismayed at the disparity between the soft platitudes his guardian parrots and the dire truths uncovered in his god’s scriptures. That night the gravedigger, his home and Doom’s entire life burned to the ground as he set off to become the god of death’s most faithful servant ever. Also maintains the website.

Gavin Smith
Gavin Smith
Registered Office

1 New Road,
England, DY11 5YN

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We are a UK publisher of horror, fantasy, children’s and historical romance fiction, primarily focused on the work of the late Guy N. Smith.